About UAB Distera

UAB Distera - the only authorized Yealink distributor in the Baltic States (in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia). We have been successfully operating on the market since 2013. We introduce one of the most reliable and bestseller products: IP telephones and video conferencing equipment, accessories by Yealink, manufacturer of IP telephones, to the market in the Baltic States.

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We have taken into consideration different needs of companies/ organizations and expanded the range of Yealink products. Exclusively for hotels requiring telephones with clear service call buttons (reception, room service, restaurant, etc.) we have selected some models of Escene IP telephones. In order to ensure high-quality arrangement of a device, we have also included Dinstar, Openvox, Yeastar, VBeT stations, converters, add-ons, and accessories in the available range.

Major IP telephony providers and installers of telecommunication solutions in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia work with us and trust our products. IP telephony equipment is provided with all certificates required for the European market and yet we test and carefully select it ourselves before recommending it. We select only the best options of IP telephony equipment enabling not to stay behind of innovations and modern possibilities. , VBeT stations, converters, add-ons, and accessories in the available range.

Our main goal is to make sure that the state-of-the-art multi-purpose IP telephones and video conferencing equipment would help you and your companies, businesses, organizations, and state enterprises in implementing work, telephone conversations, conferences, and video conferences smoothly, in high quality so that you would stay on top of your game on the market.

We strive to make sure that operation of Yealink products imported by us to the Baltic States is smooth and pleasant from the very first moment of purchasing the device. Taking this into consideration, we continuously organize trainings for partners, where Yealink and other products imported by UAB “Distera” are available for purchasing, we keep them informed about innovations, distinctive features of the equipment. We provide all information to make sure that the best device meeting your needs as well as the needs of your business or organization is offered to you. We make sure that you would receive detailed information about installation and operation of the device as well as potential thereof right after purchasing the device. Technical assistance would be provided, if needed.

List of Yealink models arranged by the criteria of needs >

Yealink products are available for acquisition here: AB Telia Lietuva, VoipShop.

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If you would like to cooperate and acquire a licence to sell Yealink products to your customers, please call us on 370 5 2111888 or e-mail us at: pardavimai@distera.eu. We would be happy to discuss the most favourable cooperation options