A step to a new communication age

The rapid development of technology and the Internet significantly changes the business communication environment. Communication quality, speed and time consumption are particularly relevant factors in modern business conditions. In view of these, business players are forced to change their habits, methods and communication techniques in order to be able to remain innovative and competitive in the market.
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                                          NEW OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES

                                          In a context of rapid globalisation, we are closely connected with the external world. Partners using the newest and most advanced technology expect the same quality of communication and the same technical capabilities from their partners. Thanks to new technologies, the distance seems to disappear. Direct communication is transferred to the virtual space, thus solving the problem of rapidly growing costs of direct communication. With the use of virtual conferences, growing number of business partners, managers, and employees generate their decisions quickly, “here and now”.

                                          It is also now easier to meet the need of new generation employees to work at home. There are favorable conditions created for managing business from any place in the world. Smart technology is extremely helpful for business people who are now able to manage their time, have access to necessary documents at hand and maintain regular contacts with colleagues and partners. The opportunity to be reached by the usual means of communication (mobile, office phone, etc.) or receive messages by e-mail if you cannot respond at the moment ensures that no important information is missed. The modern design of contemporary office and work phones, the sound quality and abundance of features contribute to the image of a good business.

                                          So huge opportunities open up to those who use new technologies in business, while others face the challenges of a changing market that they will have to learn to adapt to.

                                          Key features of business phones that open up new opportunities:

                                          •   Excellent sound quality
                                          •    Support for various communication technology applications: VoIP, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.
                                          •    Possibility to use the business telephone at home and in other places
                                          •    Modern, contemporary design, touch screen and camera for video calls
                                          •    Buttons for quick calls and switching calls
                                           •    Supports Gigabit Ethernet, PoE, WiFi and Bluetooth
                                          •    Possibility to organise audio and video conferences, connect to remote devices, record conversations

                                          In view of the opportunities and challenges discussed above, a need to review the equipment that you hold for communication arises.

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                                          Yealink offers one-box communication solutions including the features mentioned above that are available at the VoIP voice and video equipment, i.e. Yealink IP phones and video conferencing systems. Yealink offers various telephone usage scenarios available in conference halls, workplaces, mobile devices. Yealink solutions are based on open standards, ensuring excellent compatibility with global platforms of Unified Communications (UC).

                                          Yealink VDK800- the Full HD video conferencing system, is the latest communication equipment that solves the problems of work-related mobility, remote employees, and direct communication, and ensures communication quality, speed and time-consuming factors. It provides the opportunity for team members to communicate, make presentations or distance learning in the most comfortable and high-quality manner.

                                          SOLUTIONS FOR SMALL AND LARGE COMPANIES

                                          Global leader Yealink has proven that VoIP service is a flexible and cost-effective solution for both small business and large companies.

                                          Yealink SIP-T46S - for small enterprises, busy executives and professionals looking for an innovative, high end IP phone. It features 4.3" colour display, 27 programmable speed dial DSS buttons, Gigabit Ethernet, PoE, WiFi connectivity (requires additional accessory), conversations recording, and Bluetooth headset connectivity (additional accessory required). A long talk time phone, high quality wireless Yealink DECT IP phone W60P is also highly recommended. It features 2.4" colour display, PoE, talk time up to 30 hours, supports up to 8 handsets and 8 simultaneous calls.

                                          If you are a large, fast growing company representative, consider choosing the Yealink SIP-T58V . It is a modern and extremely user-friendly Android IP phone supporting various business communication applications (VoIP, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.). If you decide to arrange meetings with your affiliates and/or business partners on a virtual basis, we recommend trying out the Yealink VC400 video conferencing system.

                                          What should you choose? >>>

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                                          EXTERNAL EXPERIENCE

                                          Successful foreign experience in the field of communication has long pointed the direction to the Lithuanian business community. The latest and most advanced technology-based, Internet-capable VoIP equipment, combining a number of features, has become an integral tool of the daily communication. It is expected that analogue and old digital PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phones will be eliminated from the market in the near future. The old technology is outdated, its repair is expensive, and no further development or upgrades are planned.

                                          We are glad that the companies operating in Lithuania increasingly tend to introduce new technologies. Business people who are concerned about the future know that early adoption of new technologies makes it easier for business to integrate into the global business environment, and to stay in a competitive environment.

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                                          Yealink analyses both consumers’ and business representatives’ behaviour and needs around the world. Taking into account the results of the analysis, it is continuously improving software and VoIP solutions that are easy to integrate into already existing Yealink equipment by connecting to the Internet through a cloud-based system.

                                          The time to change and take a step towards a new age of communication has come. It’s time to use equipment that will allow you free and quality communication, enable you to stay up-to-date, competitive and increase business profitability by reducing the cost of communication.